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Star Trek: Fistful of Dilithium - The Covid Nebula Campaign

Star Trek: Fistful of Dilithium - The Covid Nebula Campaign

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Episode 1 - May the Prophets Guide Your Path

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 8
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Battle Report

Mission MapMission Map

En route to the colony on New Bajor, Vedek Marel’s shuttle suffered a severe malfunction, sending him wildly off course, and into the Covid Nebula. He was able to make to make planet fall on a moon in System C19, his Automated Distress Beacon alerting local Away Teams to his location. In addition to being a Spiritual Leader, Marel is wanted by several governments for questioning regarding his involvement in multiple Maquis
attacks. His intelligence would be considered invaluable, while his compatriots in the Maquis would be most grateful for his safe return.

Mission Directives
Terrain – Place a crashed shuttle in the center of the table. The table should contain a mixture of dense trees, rocky outcroppings, ruins or other terrain that blocks line of sight and limits movement.

Deployment – Place the Vedek at the rear of the Shuttle. A small objective marker or token should be placed at the front of the shuttle to denote the craft’s commuter core.

3+1d6 Borg Drones are placed randomly, at least 8” away from the Vedek, and at least 8” away from any Deployment Zone.

Away Teams deploy within 6” of one of the four

Special Rules
The Vedek is very disoriented and will follow any Model that comes into base to base contact with him and spends one action to gain his attention. The Vedek will follow a maximum of 5” per turn, and moves with the model that has his focus. He is not capable of any other actions.

The Computer Core of the shuttle contains details on Maquis operations in the Gamma Quadrant, this information can be downloaded by Performing a Regular Task.

Turn Limit – There is turn limit for this Away Mission

Victory – An Away Team must exit the table from their Deployment Zone with the Vedek.
If the Vedek is turned over to a government, the Away Team gains +3 Intelligence Asset Points. If they choose to return the Vedek to the Maquis they gain +3 Materiel Asset Points. Each Away Team that downloaded the data in the Computer Core gains +1 Intelligence Asset Points

Episode 1 - May the Prophets Guide Your Path

Former Ferengi Scrap Yard, now overrun with disconnected Borg drones becomes the accidental crash site of a wanted Maquis terrorist. The House of KosQ, seeing the capture of the Vedek as a way to gain favor with the High Council dispatches a taskforce to recover the target. Apon their arrival at the crash site, they spot the disoriented Vedek, but find that Prak-Tarr Heavy Industries – the Quandrant’s Premiere Preemptive Salvage Experts(tm), have already begun a recovery operation of their own.

While the Klingons had an early lead, the Ferengi, supported by a hired Gorn Sharpshooter, and that damned-able Orion Pirate were able to turn the tide and snatch the Vedek… no doubt to be ransomed, I mean returned to the Maquis for a handsome finders fee.

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