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Romano-British for Dux Britanniarum

Romano-British for Dux Britanniarum

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Casualty bases/Shock markers

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Casualties are removed in Dux Britanniarum, but like a lot of Too Fat Lardies games there is a system of shock to represent the attrition and fatigue of battle. You can represent shock with counters, but I wanted something that would be more integrated into the tabletop.

To address this I bought some dial counters from Charlie Foxtrot to keep track of the level of shock and some casualty figures from Gripping Beast to represent the overall weariness of a unit.

Saxon shock markersSaxon shock markers
Romano-British shock markersRomano-British shock markers
Dial counter broken into its constituent parts for those who want to see how it goes togetherDial counter broken into its constituent parts for those who want to see how it goes together

My advice is to attach the miniature to the top base of the counter (the one with the square hole to see the numbers through) and paint and base everything on that first.

Attach the pivot to the bottom base using undiluted PVA. Use the bevel as a means of aligning the pivot to ensure it is central to the bottom base. Carefully lift off the bevel once the pivot is aligned as you don’t want it to be accidentally glued in place!

Once the pivot and bottom base have dried, place the bevel back over the pivot being sure to keep the numbered side facing upwards. Place undiluted PVA on the upper face of the pivot and then place the top base on top.  Use your fingers to ensure a good alignment with the bottom base and bevel.

Be sure to keep the PVA away from the edge of the pivot when gluing down the top base. You don’t want to push any excess PVA onto the bevel, as that could glue it in place and prevent it moving freely.

Also, ensure you give plenty of drying time. Resist the urge to touch the completed assembly and try it out as it will just pull apart or become misaligned if you use it before it’s ready.

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