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Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

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Painting the Guild - Fisherman

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The lipped TTCombat bases provided are perfect for using base toppers. I contacted a friend with a 3D printer ( who helpfully produced some amazing resin toppers for me to use on this project.

All paints are from the Vallejo Model Color range unless specified.

Fisherman - Base coatsFisherman - Base coats

Hair, Strap over shoulder, Belt, Spear point, Bracer, Knee armour – Black

Shirt – Burnt Red

Cumberband, Spear handle – Red Leather

Net – Olive Brown base colour then overpaint the ropes only with Green Grey

Trousers  – Neutral Grey

Boots, Satchel, Bracer straps – Khaki Grey

Skin – Tan Earth

After base coats were dry a generous coat of Agrax Earthshade was applied to everything.

Fisherman - HighlightsFisherman - Highlights

Spearhead, Knee armour, Bracer, Satchel rings – Oily Steel

Hair band – Gold

Hair, Shoulder strap, Belt – Black Grey

Net – Stone Grey

Trousers – Sky Grey

Boots, Satchel – Tan Yellow

Spear shaft – Cork Brown

Shirt – Dark Red

Skin – Flat flesh

Cumberband – German Orange

This final model completes the Guild models in the San Canciano set, apart from basing that is.

As a final touch I went back in and added some Light Flesh to the flesh tones on the faces and arms.

All of the resin base toppers were given a coat of Basalt Grey. When I have finished the Rashaar models I will put the finishing touches to the bases together for efficiency.

The Guild models finished and ready for basingThe Guild models finished and ready for basing

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