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All things Kings of War

All things Kings of War

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A couple of games with my halflings at 1000pts

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Managed to get 2 games in last night at 1000pts.

I lost both!

Halflings aren’t your typic force. They, I think rely on auras and buffs more than anything.

These Auras are for the most part provided by Saucerors with their Gastromancy.

Getting used to this different style of play is proving difficult for me but in the end I think it will be rewarding.

A couple of pics below from last night.

I’m going to say first of all that my army at the moment is a bit one dimensional. Based on a massive gunline.

This doesn’t leave me too many options for Melee.

I need more Saucerors for buffs as without, The Halflings are a little weak, especially in the moral department.

So for the 2 games I fielded

1 Sauceror with Inspiring Talisman

1 Iron Beast  with Pride of the shires

1 Regiment of  Braves

1 Troop of Rifles

2 Regiments of riders with guns

1 Troop of troll gunners


Unfortunately in the first game I was against Night stalkers who’s entire army is stealthy giving me -1 to hit.

My entire gunline was putting out just 3 or 4 wounds a turn as a result of this.

Once my opponent got into melee range then that was pretty much it for me.


My second game was against Goblins.

This was a little closer but my lack of decent melee options and only one Sauceror, I think let me down a bit.


All in all I’m enjoying my gaming and getting used to the halflings.


In the future I’m planning on adding more melee units and at least one mounted Sauceror.

I know @avernos has had good success running several Saucerors.


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