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Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

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War of 3039 - Pre-event Check

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Ok, so next weekend (26th & 27th) is the War of 3039 event at Factorum down in Warminster, and as I’m working till somewhat late on Friday I figured I’d try and get the major prep work done this weekend so I have everything to hand. To whit that means:

  • Laminated copy of CGL’s rules reference sheet.
  • Printouts from Flechs of all the battlemechs I am taking in my force.
  • Dry-erase markers.
  • The event rules packet.
  • Rulebooks (I think I will only need the AGOAC book but am taking the Battlemech Manual just in case…).
  • Dice, in a handy carrycase with a dice tray (I backed this one on Kickstarter but for the life of me can’t remember the name of the company).
  • Anything else? Oh yeah, minis! I need to get some decent carrycases but for now this Feldherr one will do the job for small forces like this….

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Snacks! Drink! IPA for disinfecting everything 😉

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