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Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

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Finding a purpose

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One of the problems I have with getting work done is that without a definite end game I tend to stall out and dump things into my ever growing pile of…potential.

My old club runs a casual painting competition every month and in March 2022 the theme was ‘Underdog’. A friend pointed out these miniatures would be an easy win for the theme so I began to brainstorm what I would do with them when painted.

I don’t play D&D much any more so I was unlikely to ever use them as intended but with the great variety in model type a skirmish warband for some game or other seemed possible.

I toyed with the idea of Burrows and Badgers but those models have a character all of their own and are much more anthropomorphic with human hands etc.

Eventually I decided on Frostgrave as its a game I love and it’s the perfect way to use eclectic fantasy models.

Morgaine - Wizard's Apprentice

As a dachshund owner this had to be one of the first models I tackled. I decided to go with a classic black and tan coat.

Base coats – (Vallejo Model Color paints)

Cape – Dark Red

Fur – Black

Shirt – Iraqi Sand

Harness – Khaki Grey

Knife handle – Green Grey

Trousers – Dark Seagreen

After base coats, a liberal coat of Agrax Earthshade mutes everything down.

Highlights and details

Cape – Carmine Red then Dark Vermillion

Fur – Black Grey

Tan patches on muzzle and paws – Initially 3 parts Red Leather with 1 part Tan Earth. The next step is the same colours in a 1:1 mix.

Shirt – Buff

Harness – Japanese Uniform

Knife handle – German Camo Beige

Metal details were painted with Natural Steel.

The chest medallion was painted with a Copper surround. The central detail was a undercoat of Magenta with Deep Yellow over the top. The demon’s eye detail was then painted in with Black.

The eyes were painted in English Uniform with Black pupils.

Flint - Marksman Specialist

Having no idea what a Blue Heeler looks like, Google images was my friend. With a stock photo sorted painting began.

Base coats – (Vallejo Model Color paints)

Hood – Flat Green

Rope – Stone Grey

Feathers – Sky Grey

Bedroll and shirt – German Camo Orange Ochre

Fur – Black Grey

Metals – Natural Steel

Crossbow and quarrels – Burnt Umber

Saddlebags – German Camo Medium Brown

After base coats, a liberal coat of Agrax Earthshade gets us ready for highlighting.

Highlights and details

Hood – Uniform Green

Feathers – White

Bedroll and shirt – Yellow Ochre

Fur – To try and copy the coat from the images I applied a stippling of Neutral Grey to all the grey areas. Then I painted the pale tan areas on the muzzle and inside the legs with a mix of Tan Earth and Sunny Skintone. Lastly a very light drybrush of White on the face and tail achieved a close approximation of a Blue Heeler’s coat.

Crossbow and quarrels – Beige Brown

Saddlebags – Khaki grey

The eyes were painted in English Uniform and the nose was painted Black.

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