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Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

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Magic and muscle

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 8

Cornelius - Wizard

While I haven’t decided what school I want my Wizard to be this will definitely be the model .

The base coats were as follows:

Fur and bones – Beige Brown

Leather straps and stitches on hat patches – German Camo Medium Brown

Books and medallion round neck – Leather brown

Wristbands and blanket on back – Dark Prussian Blue

Hat – Intermediate Blue

Wrappings on large  bone – Deck tan

Pouch with stitching and corks in potion bottles etc. – Green Ochre

Neckband for medallion and scroll case – Burnt Red

Tongue – Magenta

Potions – Magenta, Royal Purple, Turquoise, Olive Green

Buckles – Natural Steel

Agrax earthshade unifies the scheme and shades all of the colours before highlighting.

Fur – Yellow Ochre then buff to muzzle and top of tail and back.

Hat – Intermediate Blue

Wristbands and blanket – Dark Blue

Leather straps – Khaki Grey

Books – US Field Drab

Potions – Magenta, Royal Purple/Desert Yellow mix, Sky Blue, Lime Green

Stitches on hat patches – Desert Yellow

Bones – Dark Sand

Neckband and scroll case – Flat Red

Tongue – Pink. This didn’t give a very realistic look so a secong paler highlight of pink and white mix was added.

The dog is a golden retriever and to my eye the coat was too beige and lacked any vibrancy so I added a very thin coat of Game Workshop Yellow Glaze over all the fur coat.

Cassandra - Templar

As usual base coats are all  Vallejo Model Color unless otherwise stated.

Fur – Sky Grey on all areas that will be white and German grey on the darker areas

Armour and weapon – German grey undercoat then Gunmetal

Tail – Iraqi Sand

Pouches – German Camo Medium Brown

Mace handle – Mahogany Brown

Normally I find using a single wash step like Agrax earthshade unifies the model and brings all of the colours ‘together’ as opposed to using coloured washes on unique colours. However it was obvious from the reference images that the stark back/grey/white of the husky coat is as stark as the snowy environment it thrives in.

So to keep the cold contrast I wash the armour and husky fur in Nuln Oil black wsh and used Agrax on the tail and mace handle to retain a bot of warmth in the colours.

Highlights were as follows:

Fur and tail – Light grey then white on all the light fur. The darker fur was just touched with a bit of basalt grey.

Armour and weapon – Silver highlighting and Brass on armour filigree detail

Pouches – Khaki Grey

Mace handle – Beige Brown initially, although this didn’t generate enough contrast for my taste, so I added a highlight of beige brown/tan yellow 50:50 mix

Nose – black

Eyes are commonly mismatched in huskies so I did one Khaki Grey and the other Deep Sky Blue

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Ooh they are brilliant looking dogs @warbossd congratulations on the gold button.

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2022-07-04 Your project has been visited by the unofficial Hobby Hangout. Huzza!

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