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Space Hulk 5

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    2024 10 years since 2014 edition 4…..
    2027 40 years for WH40K…..
    2029 40 years for 1989 edition 1……

    What would be your guess??????????


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    *rolls dice*



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    *me thinks yes*

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    I’m just waiting for them to bring out the Woke edition of Space Hulk.

    Played from the perspective of the poor oppressed Genestealers, fighting heroically and completely justifiably against the evil, patriarchal,  biased, Space Marines oppressors!


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    I’d buy that. Fight the power!


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    If there’s a new spacehulk … then it’s just going to be a reprint of the old game.

    which kind of sucks, because I’d say the game could use a refresh and rethink.

    then again … GW is gonna GW.
    They couldn’t do a good update/refresh/rethink for the ‘old world’ when they had the chance to do so.

    Just imagine … streamlined rules, faster space hulk setup, maybe even more factions ? The original game had rules for things other than terminators in White Dwarf and expansions.

    hmmm … best not think too much because things would only disappoint.



    Limburger – you raise an interesting point but if the rules were re-written the existing player base who like the game as it is would complain.

    Workshop just can’t win coming or going. Why not invent your own rules for the games you (plural, meaning anyone) love?

    Publish them on the interwebs and go from there for others?


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    The existing fans aren’t going to buy the new box, because they have the game and rules as they were decades ago already.

    I really wonder why they would want the reprint… unless they didn’t have the money last time.

    GW had no problem killing of the old world when it wasn’t making them money.

    They rewrote necromunda and kill team. (The latter getting 2 new versions even).

    So GW can do a rewrite if they want to and they can and will ignore the fans as well.

    So why haven’t they done this to space hulk?




    Book, Rules, Diorama Board, Miniatures oh my…..

    Space Hulk is one of the best games ever made.

    I have over 8,000 images.

    I have 4 games+.

    I have a ton of ideas….

    This book could be very big. The fan base is huge. They would go crazy…..

    Crowdfund it and see the interest.

    FOMO… Hype… Marketing…..


    Table of Contents.



    Interviews…..Richard Halliwell 1987-



    Pre 1989.

    1989. Space Hulk. First Edition.

    1990. The dlc. Deathwing. Genestealers.

    1991. Scenario book and fan scenarios. Space Hulk Campaigns.

    1996. Second Edition.

    2009. Third Edition.

    2010. The card game.

    Fan made game.

    2014. Reedition of Third edition or Fourth Edition.

    iPad expansions.

    Differences between the 4 versions.

    Solo Space Hulk.

    Strategy and Tactics.

    White Dwarf.


    All the Video games to date.

    Reviews of all games.

    The Future.


    I have played this for 35 years.

    I am also working on rules upgrade for solo play from 1 to 6 players and a game board diorama 4×4 which is in phase 1 of a 3-phase project…..3d printing rocks…..

    Simple,Simple,Simple but with depth if you want it.

    Space Hulk.



    I don’t quite understand what you are saying, but I’m excited for you…

    Anyway, wake me up when they re-make Tyranid Attack.


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    if the fan base was ‘huge’ … then GW would have brought it back a long time ago like they’ve done for Blood bowl.

    Necromunda also came back … because GW decided there would be enough folk interested in buying the rules one page at a time.

    Killteam got the same treatment.

    Only thing is … that every time Space hulk got a reprint all we got was the core game.
    None of the expansions got a reprint. Why ?

    Did  GW lose the material and only have access to the core game?
    Or did GW think there wouldn’t be profit in it ?

    otoh … isn’t “Boarding actions” kind of like Space hulk with 40k rules ?
    Could that have been an experiment by GW to see if the interest was there to build a next gen version of space hulk as its own thing ?


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    I mean technically in Space Hulk, one of you already plays as the Genestealers fighting against the Imperium.  So I guess if that’s your take on things, that particular “woke” version is already available, right now.  Well, by available I mean you can sacrifice your first born child or a couple of key organs for a copy off Ebay



    2025 if we make enough noise.

    Saber Interactive could have it as a DLC for Space Marine 2 with Terminator’s and have it as part of the story.

    It would be really cool.






    Space Hulk reprints are the we might need a cash boost button.  Stick it out shore up a weak quarter.

    If it does happens I don’t see it being anything other than a one and done.

    I really like the system but genuinely don’t know what they would need to do get me to buy it.  Then again I am not their target audience

    I think new rules could work, if they were well done and people could get a look/critical reviews before buying but that would be a complete departure from the generate hype/fomo business model.




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    or maybe it’s a ‘safe’ project for GW to test new managers and production capacity …

    it never gets any updates, and they don’t need to produce a lot of them in order to keep the FOMO aspect going until the next run.

    GW is gonna GW.
    I think we’d much sooner get a new sci fi version of Dungeon Quest by Mantic.

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