Osprey Games Announce Mutant Mayhem In FREAKZ!

May 3, 2024 by brennon

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Osprey Games has announced a new game coming later this year from Michael Whelan, illustrated by Bonedust. FREAKZ! is a game of mutant murder machines designed as a quick and rules-lite skirmish wargame with a penchant for cartoon levels of violence.

Freakz - Osprey Games

FREAKZ! // Osprey Games

Here's the background from Osprey Games...

"FREAKZ! pits savage mutant gangs against each other as they pillage the ruins of a devastated world in pursuit of hallowed Artefactz. These objects of great atomic power were forged in the flames of nuclear destruction and can bestow mighty mutations on their bearers in an instant. Gain leathery wings and fly above the battlefield, grow giant plates of bone armour, or develop chameleon-like skin and fade from sight. But beware the consequences of this power! Collect too many Artefactz or rip too many from the bodies of your fallen foes, and you may lose control – a mortal can only bear so many mutations before they are twisted beyond humanity, becoming one of the monstrous creatures that stalk the wastes."

That all sounds very cool indeed. It speaks to me of classics like Gamma World for Dungeons & Dragons but in wargaming form. I like the idea of pushing yourself and trying to embrace more and more mutations as you hunt down those Artefactz.

A few more details on gameplay also popped up. You generate your squad of mutants by drawing from a standard deck of playing cards. Fighters move without the need to measure and attacks are resolved with a single-matched dice roll. It sounds like the perfect beer and pretzels style wargame which could also fall into the kitbashing camp very easily. You can even dive into a campaign and take your nobodies and turn them into legends.

It will be fascinating to learn more about FREAKZ! which is aiming to release in October 2024.

What do you think of the early details?

"It will be fascinating to learn more about FREAKZ! which is aiming to release in October 2024..."

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