May The 4th Be With You! Get Your Star Wars Fix OnTableTop

May 4, 2023 by crew

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Today is Star Wars Day, a perfect chance to celebrate everything Star Wars and get yourself into the mood for some excellent tabletop hobby too.

With that in mind, we've collated together a load of great content we've done on Star Wars into ONE place so you can get as obsessed as us.

Star Wars Roleplaying Adventures!

Catch up on last year's antics and watch through our Star Wars Roleplaying Game sessions that were hosted by our very own grimwolfuk!

Let's Play: Star Wars: Escape From Smuggler's Hold | West End Games RPG

Let's Play: Star Wars: Episode II - The Spice Must Fly | West End Games RPG

There are plenty of ways to have some fun with Star Wars from roleplaying games through to miniatures games. We've had a LOT of fun with Star Wars over the years here at OnTableTop.

Star Wars Let's Plays

We've got a bunch of Let's Plays that we've created for Star Wars: Legion...

We hope you enjoy giving these a watch. Whilst you can obviously watch these videos like this, we are also streaming them on Twitch too throughout the day. However you want to dive into some Star Wars gaming goodness on the tabletop, we've got you covered.

Additionally, we've also got this awesome Downed AT-AT Battle that you can watch here...

You can also check out one of our Cult Of Games Let's Plays where we played through a rematch of the Star Wars: Legion Skirmish rules.

Check Out The Rematch Here

Make sure to share with us if you're playing some epic Star Wars games to celebrate today and maybe upload your antics into a Project.

Star Wars Hobby

On the lobbying side of things, we've also got a bunch of great videos where we've been building gaming tables and painting plenty of models from Star Wars: Legion too.

You can also check out the FULL Star Wars: Legion Downed AT-AT Table Build where John destroyed one of the massive walkers and turned it into a superb gaming table as you'll have seen above.

This gives you a snapshot of the kind of awesome tables we've built for Star Wars in the past. If you've got a Cult Of Games Membership then you can also check out some videos from John...

There is a lot of hobby goodness on the Star Wars front there to keep you going.

Star Wars: Legion Unboxings

If all of that goodness hasn't got you excited then you can also check out a bunch of Unboxings we've done for the Star Wars: Legion range over the past few years. This might get you excited to snap up some Star Wars goodies from Store.OnTableTop.

Also, if you want to check out some Unboxings of the two Core Sets which are available for Star Wars: Legion, we've got those too.

Make sure to tell us which of those two sets has appealed the most to you. We like the classic clash between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker but the Clone Wars seems to have more opportunity for epic clashes with lots of combined arms fighting.

X-Wing Endor Aftermath // Check Out The Live Blog

Before we dived into playing Star Wars: Legion we also spent some time playing X-Wing and got to set up a great ground-based scenario for people to play out. Set on the forest moon of Endor after the destruction of the Death Star, floating asteroids were replaced by dense woodlands as the Rebels and Empire fought in atmosphere.

You can follow along with the Live Blog we ran at the time as well in order to get a proper feel for how this battle played out.

Even More for Cult of Games Members

Remember if you are a Cult of Games member (CoG) you have access to even more Star Wars content, check these out:

What are you doing to celebrate today?

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