Dive Back Into The 80s With Crooked Dice’s New 7TV Releases

May 7, 2024 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are diving back into the 80s with their newest range of 7TV releases. You can use these to play out all manner of fun Pulp-based adventures in 7TV, be it an action-packed movie or a hit TV show played out on the tabletop.

Yacht Cops - Crooked Dice

Yacht Cops // Crooked Dice

We start with those diving into some crime capers. You could perhaps battle it out down by the bay with the Yacht Cops who are looking very dapper indeed. Maybe you want to go off-piste in which case you might want to scoop up the Maverick Cops.

Maverick Cops - Crooked Dice

Maverick Cops // Crooked Dice

These will be very familiar to a lot of folks and this is one of the things I love about Crooked Dice. They always manage to hit that nostalgia button just right and get you thinking back to old movies and TV shows and then how fun it would be to recreate those stories on the tabletop.

Stranger Things?

If you're interested in some stranger things then you can also get yourself a band of pint-sized Monster Hunters.

Monster Hunters - Crooked Dice

Monster Hunters // Crooked Dice

Maybe use these characters to go a bit meta and play some adventures in Tales From The Loop that then morph into a full-on campaign of D&D using their characters? You'll clearly need some big characters to help move the story along and that's where the Psychic Rivals come in. Nosebleeds galore!

Psychic Rivals - Crooked Dice

Psychic Rivals // Crooked Dice

Not to be missed out on, you can also get your hands on some Cool Kids to help swing events in your favour. Just make sure that you avoid the teacher and you should be fine!

Cool Kids - Crooked Dice

Cool Kids // Crooked Dice

A solid set of miniatures that, as mentioned above, are just made for use in Tales From The Loop as versions of your characters you could use in intense situations where you need to be aware of where everyone is. They might also just be a nice present for your team of roleplayers who want to see a representation of their chosen characters.

They Mostly Come At Night...Mostly

If you want to get stuck into some games past the watershed then you can also pick up this set of Xenos who are going to slinking around in an abandoned facility somewhere.

Xenos - Crooked Dice

Xenos // Crooked Dice

Those slick killers might need to be taken down a peg and that's where your Galactic Marines step into the ring. These two sets work perfectly together and would be good for all manner of skirmishing firefights.

Galactic Marines - Crooked Dice

Galactic Marines // Crooked Dice

The 80s vibes are strong and as you can see, Crooked Dice have already managed to cover a bunch of fan favourites from the period.

But Wait, There's More

As if that wasn't enough, you can also get your hands on a bunch of quirky sets that cover other pop culture touchstones. Maybe you'd like some Mawmites?

Mawmites - Crooked Dice

Mawmites // Crooked Dice

Perhaps a set of Electron Guards are more your speed and you'd like some mooks for your heroes to beat up whilst they fight it out on the tabletop.

Electon Guards - Crooked Dice

Electon Guards // Crooked Dice

There is even more to check out over on the Crooked Dice website so if you're seeking a fun new set of miniatures for some 80s fun in the likes of 7TV, make sure to check them out HERE.

Do you have some favourites from this new range of release you'll be scooping up?

"If you're interested in some stranger things then you can also get yourself a band of pint-sized Monster Hunters..."

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