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The Final Push - Lawnor approaches 100% painted

The Final Push - Lawnor approaches 100% painted

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61 MTG: The Hand and The Kings Man

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I’ve finally finished all the core models from the base game.  I won’t be touching all the optional armour sets, at least until after my first playthrough.  That’s another 29 models to go that I’ll be ignoring for a looooong time.  I took these pics late last night and I’ve a busy weekend ahead of me.

I plan on coming back here with a group shot of everything when I have time.

The Spring Clean Challenge starts this weekend and I’ll be focusing on models not included in the ubertotal for a while so I’ll be ignoring this project.  I’ll be working on my Dreadball minis from my Box of Undesirables.  The stuff I didn’t care about and was thinking of selling and generally ignoring.  Most of them I’ve been ignoring for 5-6 years.  They’re long overdue some attention.  A bulk airbrush priming and base coating begins this weekend.

The HandThe Hand
The Kings ManThe Kings Man

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