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"Hola amigo, I come to suck your blood!"

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A Venue of Vampires - Some Profiles.

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Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to post up some more profiles I have been working on for TSB. The latest games I have played are with vampires and just like with the Ghouls, the Cultists and the Werewolves – I wanted to spice it up a bit.

Below are the new vampire profiles.


The first up is the Vampire Master.  This is probably my favourite scoundrel in the gallery of villians I have come up with.  He is not that different from other vampires, but he does have more health and the option to use a hand weapon (or an ancient family heirloom as I see it!).

He also has the ability to shapeshift into a bat form, which gives him the ability of flight.

This character, in my humble opinion should be used in a campaign.  I found the best results when he is revealed at the end of a three to four part scenario campaign.


I have seen many Hammer Horror classics, besides many vampire movies of all qualities.  The best among them always have the brides of the master.  So I told myself – TSB cannot be any less!

The brides are basically identical to normal vampires, with two fundamental differences.  First they come in threes,  and secondly they are bound to a particular point on the gaming table.  This could be a ruin, or a monument, or a cemetery. They can never move beyond six inches of the designated point.

Their purpose is to guard the site they are bound to and stop our intrepid heroes from fulling their mission.

The beautiful but deadly brides of the master!The beautiful but deadly brides of the master!


Vampires are tough opponents, and they are usually accompanied by revenants when they appear in a scenario. I thought that since vampires tend to get stronger the older they get, why not have some weaker new born vampires running around the campaign – especially in the beginning with the first scenario.

In order to reflect their inexperience as a blood-sucker, I reduced several of their stats and removed the attributes strong and soul sheer.  This makes them more manageable, but still very dangerous!

A Venue of Vampires - Some Profiles.
My complete vampire collection.My complete vampire collection.

The games I have played with these vampires have been very, very tough; I must admit.  During the first games I made these blood suckers a bit too strong, but after nearly a month and 12 games, I think I have them pinned down.

If you are interested in running them, keep them till last in order to give your team some time to gain experience.

That is all for now.  I hope to finish off my 10mm High army so I can get back to dedicating all my time to painting this range. Therefore I soldier on through the brush strokes and and the flocking!

Until next time stay safe and have fun.


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