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Zona Alfa - A Club Donation

Zona Alfa - A Club Donation

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This Mini-Project Begins!

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Hi everyone,

Today begins my 5 days off work.  During the morning I am helping a friend with his business and in the afternoon I will work on this project.

My club has dropped all restrictions, so I am donating a ‘pick-up tabletop game‘ to the club so anyone can play.  What better pick-game than Zona Alfa!

Zona Alfa is published by Osprey in their blue rulebook format. It is what I call a finite game, in the sense that once you have all the minis you need to play, you don’t have to buy anything else – ever.

This game plays somewhat like Frostgrave in concept, in that you have to get the treasure and run – from a lot of hostiles.

So in order to play the game I went through my model collection trying to find anything that suited the various types of hostiles in the book.

I found all I needed and more.  These are mostly cheapish miniatures but ideal for the game.  I did this over the weekend and I also did some converting in preparation for the painting with my Speed Paints and some Contrast paints as well.

What I did not find was some anomalies. These are space-time distortions in reality from which hi-tech pours forth – as well as nightmarish monsters. Therefore I decided to build my own with styrene balls, paperclips and cheap gesso.

Made from styrene, paperclips and several applications of gesso.Made from styrene, paperclips and several applications of gesso.

I also had some plague models from Mantic which I converted to make them low-tech rad-ghouls.

I also had bought three packs of plastic Reaper Ghouls at a Black Friday sale several years ago and I thought they were perfect to compliment the Mantic plague warriors as rad-ghouls.  I just needed to convert them a bit for variation’s sake.

Last but not least I had two plastic Reaper Cave Trolls that were perfect for mutants.  They just need a bit of work to take them out of the realm of fantasy and into more modern times.

This is how the troll comes out-of-the-blister.This is how the troll comes out-of-the-blister.
Two hours later!Two hours later!

Before I sat down to write up this post, I undercoated all the hostiles with my airbrush.  Tonight I will start painting them up.

This is the first time I am using Contrast paints and Speed paints, so I am approaching this as an exercise and as an experiment.  I will time myself and see how fast I can paint up each batch of miniatures.

Until next the post.


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