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Milmaa's Age of Darkness Project

Milmaa's Age of Darkness Project

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Lord Commander Eidolon

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 4
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Well this is the biggest Forgeworld model I have tackled … Ive always been nervous to buy and build them as I hate working with the resin. At least it is better than finecast!



So with a quick look everything looks superb, detail wise, Ive cleaned up the base sections. and given them that much needed wash and let them dry while at work.

I cleaned up washed, and stuck some pins in the main body section so that i could get a good solid join with the base.

To set the model in his scenic base it looks like I need to leave 2 sections loose so that I can remove the playable base when needed. Im not sure about this, I might look into some kind of magnets so that it all sticks more securely.


Hopefully more updates tomorrow!

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