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2022 Hobby Log

2022 Hobby Log

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HowTheHellisItJune?!? (Week 25)

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I’m a big fan of getting your excuses in early so; most of the hobby work has been in other projects. But yeah, this log has fallen behind a bit. Rather than going back and figuring out what I haven’t posted, I’m just going to jump into what I’m working on right now.

After two years of painting for the sake of painting, it is time to start cracking into stuff that matches what other people play locally. First up is Stargrave and Kill Team. I have a mountain of Orks kicking about in my hoard but I really like the new Kommandos out of the Octarius box so that’s what I’m getting cracking into first.

As this is a small force for skirmish games, I thought it was a good project to put more time into basing than I usually do. Like many hobbyists, I have a (few) boxes of saved recycling materials for doing terrain and bases.

Used on these first seven bases:

  • thin eva craft foam
  • an old bus card (plasticard with a layer of extra printing plastic on each side)
  • cable ties
  • the extra long bits of plastic rod from the many, many COVID tests I’ve taken
  • floral wire
  • wire from inside an ethernet cable
  • rhinestone stickers
  • the textured bit off a rubber glove
  • embroidery canvas (or granny grating as you hear it called on pretty much every youtube channel)
  • bits of plastic and tubing from party bag water pistols
  • some cardboard
HowTheHellisItJune?!? (Week 25)

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