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Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

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Development continues

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Well I’ve actually been working a lot on this recently, for a number of reasons. I’d like to have this game into a testable state within the next 11 months and I’ve got a couple of pieces come together in the last month that helped me answer a couple of questions I had in my head regarding the mechanics. The development of the rules themselves have actually begun but I am not ready to discuss them more openly at this time.

I am speaking about them more openly with real life friends, and supporters of the podcast I am a co-host of (as I felt it wouldnt be appropriate not to include them.)

Its certainly still not a game but its closer every week.

The table size is remaining at 3×3, thats where I would like it to be but it depends on how it plays obviously, the current plan is to have movement based around 12 inches as I want there to be some actual back and forth involved within the game as opposed to just meeting in the middle and stopping there until everyone falls over.

The other thing I have started doing is collecting some mini’s for testing at this point in time the base size is a 75x42mm oval, to be its aesthetically pleasing and fits the size of the 28mm mini’s I have collected so far.

Honestly I’ve been using this time as a bit of a palette cleanser whilst the motivation was there and whilst I know this is a somewhat limited update I do hope it shows that progress is being made. It might be a good month or so before I update again.

There are some big changes I can confirm though, the first of which might have already been obvious, the game itself has a working title.

Entropy City

I feel it describes the state of their world pretty well, the main groups do have names as well but Im going to keep those close to the chest for now. The name of the game actually comes from my own work, it has been used in several of my created roleplay worlds in different settings but this iteration feels the most accurate use of the name

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