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Osiris WIP

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 8
Osiris WIP

Osiris is a neat sculpt but, his garment(s) are pretty one note. I obviously still have a way to go on them but I’m trying to decide on a way to make him a bit more striking/interesting on the tabletop.

My current thinking: given that he is the god of the underworld (in CMON’s careful scholarship on Egyptian religion and culture–no really, as far as I can tell they didn’t name any of the gods after Kiwi farmers like they did with Rising Sun) I’m thinking shade up (literally: dark at the bottom, shading to bright/white the higher up him you go) from black to brown-green and then to the white/off-white of his wrappings.

Other suggestions are entirely welcome.

Also, I think my poor priming shows up here. It’s particularly bad on Osiris (though Ra was pretty bad as well). It was Army Painter white and I’ve had really good results from them most of the time. I suspect I didn’t shake the can enough and I’ve gotten a shaker that attaches to my electric drill to keep that from being an issue in future. However, my main plan to avoid similar issues is by priming with an airbrush–which, of course, will just shift my struggles to fighting with my airbrush. But at least I’ll learn a bit more about my airbrush and immediately see it if I have crap coverage.

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