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Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork Ork

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Tis the Season

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I have an embarrassing number of unpainted orks. And part built orks. And part painted orks. Or orcs.

Now I’m not going to lie, at one point in time, they were going to be a 40k army and they are mainly modern GW kits. There are some bits from Spellcrow and Kromlech in there and at some point in the future, when I have such a thing as spare cash, I’d love to add in some old ork models from through the years but that is a far future plan.

My brain likes to come up with big plans and think them through in intricate detail as a mental distraction during the day. I really enjoy it. Unfortunately it means that by the time I come to actually build and paint, half of my excitement has been spent and now I’m just frustrated they aren’t done already. I wish I could stop doing it but it’s just how my brain goblins work. It’s the same reason that most of my RPG campaign fizzle out before they properly get started – by the time we get to the table, I’m thought out the campaign and challenged all the parts I was aiming at.

At this point this army is just a pile of unfinished intimidation in the cupboard. If I actually looked at the numbers it probably isn’t as large as I think it is but right now it is the orky elephant in the room. As we all know, the best way to eat an elephant is…

One leg at a time

Tis the Season

The brain goblins respond pretty well to breaking bigger projects down into smaller parts and then just focusing on them for a short but intense period. It is one of the reasons I take part in the DK30 a couple of times a year. There will be another one which overlaps with this first month of the project but it is on an unrelated subject so shouldn’t get in the way.

If breaking this project down into chunks is the plan then Orktober seemed like a fine time to start. I grabbed one of the mid-sized boxes and figure that getting them mostly* done in the month is an achievable goal.

*mostly because I don’t actually have a paint scheme planned for anything heavier than infantry right now but that might change as inspiration comes back.

Tis the Season

So this is a couple of nights progress from the last week. I had some unexpected health stuff come up that stopped me working on it quite as much as I’d hoped but it has been enjoyable building these new Boyz. I had been hoping to get them primed today but the Scottish weather has been, well October-ish. Instead I’ll probably finish building the rest of the box and then switch to brush on primer if we don’t get a break in the howling wind or torrential rain.

The main thing though is it is started. First bite of the leg taken.

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Remember that orks are fungal creatures. I’d recommend a strong flavored meat and red wine when you take those bites.

I look forward to your project progress.

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