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Grot Tank - Orktober 2022

Grot Tank - Orktober 2022

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Placing Grots on the tank and working out the layout.

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 9
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I worked out the best positions for the Grots on top of the tank by blu-tacking them in place. This also helped me to work out the best angle for the main gun to be pointing in the diorama.

The unused gretchin minis went into my bits box. At this point, I discovered several more gretchin parts in the greenskin section of my bits box. How many boxes of these little maniacs have I bought over the years?

The little guy with the bugle is from the Snotlings Blood Bowl team, as is the rock-wielding nutter hanging off the side of the tank! I built a tiny platform for him to stand on by glueing a small piece of ork armour under the running gear.

The World War Toons tank goes together without glue, which is perfect for kit bashers like me! It’s a lovely wee kit, with loads of detail.

I also started marking onto a square of 30mm XPS foam how I’d like the layout to look. This step helps me to get a feel for any foliage I need to add and also gives me a better idea about the narrative I want to tell with the diorama.

Next up is the painting step, and I want to go with lots of olive drab armour, muddy tracks, Bad Moons yellow battle colours, and mixed green foliage.

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