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Grot Tank - Orktober 2022

Grot Tank - Orktober 2022

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Painting and construction are complete!

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 9
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Woohoo! The painting is complete and I was able to get everything attached to the base, with no breakage (apart from the Runtherd’s temporary arm amputation).

For the grots and runtherd:

  1. Glued the minis onto temporary plastic bases.
  2. Primed them with Tamiya Fine grey spray primer.
  3. Washed everything with Citadel Nuln Oil.
  4. For green skin I used mostly Green Stuff World’s Acid Green.
  5. Eyes are painted white then I use GSW True Blood to make them bright red and shiny. For me, the shine is key to adding a sense of life!
  6. At this point I lost track of the dozens of colours I dipped into, mixed, tried and rejected, etc. I swear I’ll keep better records inth future. I will say that I mostly used GSW Dipping Inks, Citadel Contrast, Vallejo Game Color, and AK Interactive Intense.

The tank was:

  1. Tamiya fine grey and nuln oil again.
  2. Vallejo Camo Green for the metalwork.
  3. Citadel Typhus Corrosion and GSW Orange Rust for the rusty bits.
  4. Ammo by Mig Starship Filth and Engine Oil for making it greasy and grubby.

The mud is:

  1. Vallejo Thick Mud – European and Brown
  2. Mixed grass flock from a model railway store, might have been made by Javis.
  3. Garden Flower Set from Gamer Grass.
  4. Scrubland Base Ready mix from Geek Gaming Supplies.
  5. Green Stuff World Tall Shrubbery.

Next up is the video on YouTube! Coming Soon!

I’ll share a link in the next update.


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