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Waaagh! It's Spring Clean 2023!

Waaagh! It's Spring Clean 2023!

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Warlord Games SS Figures

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These were the first unit I finished a set of 13 Warlord Games metal figures. They were principally from the SS Charlemagne set and two were from the early war set. I did a bit of conversion work on them by removing all the shields that bore the tricolour on the left arms and added bits from my spares box. These included different hands and weapons and I even replaced one of the heads with a Wargames Atlantic one.

I have painted WWII camouflage before but never Oak leaf so I decided to attempt both Spring and Autumn types here. In both cases I started from an equal mix of GW XV-88 and scale 75 Thar Brown. For the Autumn pattern I started with irregular patches of GW Thondria Brown and applied Vallejo Bright Orange within the brown patches. I then washed the uniform with GW Agrax Earthshade. Dots of GW Fire Dragon Bright were  then placed on the original orange colour. The rest of the uniform was then highlighted.

For the Spring uniform I added patches of Vallejo Yellow Olive and the same process was then repeated as above with the final dots being made with Vallejo Deep Green. Jackets and trousers that were plain uniform were either Army Painter Field Grey or Uniform Grey respectively.









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