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Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

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Evening 8: Crossbones and Zemo

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3
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It’s the first day of the 4 day Easter weekend.  I’ve spent most of the day playing Gloomhaven and doing chores (Adulting sucks!), but I’ve got a long evening just for me to paint.  Once I do Crossbones’ knee pads and steel he can go back in the queue, so let’s do his knees quickly and then get Zemo up to the point where I’m doing his steel.

Base: P3 Deathless Metal (My pot has always separated out whenever I try and use it and a good solid shake has never fixed this.  It’s a good colour so I’ve made a point of giving it regular shakes, some stirring, and regularly inverting it over the last few weeks.  It seems to have done the job as I actually got paint out, and not just tinted medium.)
Highlight: Deathless Metal with a little P3 Radiant Platinum.  Allow the Deathless to dominate the mix
Highlight 2: add more Platinum
Highlight 3: Add more Platinum
There may have been more layers.  Highlight to taste, perhaps with pure Platinum as a glint colour

Evening 8: Crossbones and Zemo

Over to Zemo.  His jacket is a potentially messy job so lets get that done while I can muck up the surrounding areas.

Undercoat: Zenithal prime!
Drybrush: Scale75 Iroko
Stipple: Iroko
Stipple: a very little Scale75 Brown Leather
Wash: Scale75 Inktense Chestnut mixed 2:3 with Instar’s Water+, or just water
Add a second layer of the wash to the deeper and darker areas only
Drybrush: Iroko to the more worn areas

Evening 8: Crossbones and Zemo

Let’s do Zemo’s inner layers before I start on that wool lining.  I don’t want to have to fix that white if I get purple on it.  First, his vest and gloves.

Base: Reaper 09023 Imperial Purple
Shade: Add some Reaper 09022 Nightshade Purple to the previous purple and shade down.  use differing amounts to provide different tones.  I don’t think I ever went pure Nightshade.
Highlight: Add some Reaper 09024 Amethyst Purple to Imperial Purple, and then add more for further highlights
Final highlights with pure Amethyst purple

I forgot to take the pic before starting on his balaclavaI forgot to take the pic before starting on his balaclava

On to his mask.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do so there were points I was just throwing paints together to see what it gave me.  Here’s what I think I did.

Base: P3 Murderous Magenta
Wash: P3 Sanguine Base mixed with Instar Alpha Pure Magenta
Highlight: Murderous Magenta mixed with a little P3 Menoth White Highlight
Highlight: Add a little more Menoth White Highlight, being careful not to go too white

Evening 8: Crossbones and Zemo

Let’s get that wool done, and preferably without mucking up the purple or the leather I’ve just finished!  The wool and the bracers were painted as follows:

Base: Coat d’arms 240 Unbleached Wool (It seemed like an obvious choice)
Wash: Coat d’arms 125 Putrid Green (it came with the Unbleached Wool for this very purpose)
Drybrush: P3 Sickley Skin
Drybrush: P3 Morrow White very carefully.  This should not dominate the colour.  Never go full pure white or black!

At this point I had just been including the bracers to give them a white-ish undercoat, and because they were in the line of fire anyway.  I figured they were almost as I wanted them, I just needed to tint them to make the different to the wool.  I tried a glaze or two of P3 Hammerfall Khaki and was happy enough with the results.

I’m getting there with Zemo.  Time for the black cloth.  I can undercoat his sword while I’m doing this.  The metallics will thank me later.  It’s getting late in the evening and if I do this just before bed then the black wash can dry naturally.  Also, if I stop now there’ll be time for a movie in bed.  I’ve somehow never seen Galaxy Quest and I’ve got that queued up for a watch tonight.  (It was a good film, but could have done with a longer runtime allowing for 1-2 more events to happen to explore the concept and not make it feel like only an hour of their lives too.  I’d happily watch this explored a a limited series too.  I think there’s a good few hours of solid content could be got from this idea)

Anyway, back to the painting chat:

Base: VGC 70.995 German Grey
Drybrush and edge highlight: P3 Hammerfall Khaki
Wash: GW Nuln Oil
Go to bed with a movie

That’s 8 evenings work so far.

Evening 8: Crossbones and Zemo

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