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‘Begun, this Clone Force has’ – starting out on Star Wars Legion

‘Begun, this Clone Force has’ – starting out on Star Wars Legion

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Slow but steady progress

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Hopefully this won’t be partly duplicated,  since when I tried to upload it first time it all vanished…

27th April 2023

Its been a while since last update. I have had some slow progress (for various reasons), but managing to get a little more done most days.

After the core set I started into the build process for the expansion packs that came with the bundle deal last May. These are a mix of hard plastic packs and the resin plastic.

First it was the Phase 1 Clone Trooper upgrade pack.

Same process for these as the others. Clean and build 😊

I chose to use the bare head on the leader just so it would stand out a little. A couple of the other upgrade chaps had visored helms, so they look a little different to the rest too.

Blu tac optionalBlu tac optional

Next up it was the Republic Specialist pack (more clone troopers of course). These are hard plastic; so snip, clean and build for them.

In this instance each of the models has a choice of three heads – Phase 1, Phase 2 and bare head. I’m not quite sure which to use yet (both aesthetically and rules wise for phase 1/phase 2) so I left the heads on the sprue and can spray them all at the same time.

A couple of bits were a little fiddly on these, but overall the join lines were very well placed to keep the finished model ‘clean’.

I'm all over the place sargeI'm all over the place sarge

Then I decided I needed to review the magnetising option. They have quite deep bases, so I knew one magnet on its own would not work – and I didn’t want to have to milliput each one to build them up.

Looking around I found an old bag of washers, which, when checked, worked out to be pretty much spot on to act as a shim and make it so that when I glue a magnet on its flush with the bottom of the base. Job done 😊 I will roll this out at the end of the process.

Next came the character models. Captain Rex (resin Plastic) and Padme (Hard Plastic).

I wasn’t sure on weapon choice for Padme. I like the look of the small pistol, but was concerned that the thin barrel could get snapped off in play or moving around. As such I went with the blaster option instead (hopefully that wont cause a problem with opponents. But I’m not planning to play competitively, so should be fine).

Rex had some head choices, and I went with the phase 2 helm. But may change this later perhaps.

Finally for this period of work it was on to the Arc Trooper expansion (Hard Plastic). Snip, clean and build again.

Some of these are on flying stands. To avoid getting them covered in paint I have left those off for the moment, and will add them back on once the models are mostly done.

I had a bit of a debate about the trooper that could be armed with blaster or sniper type, and echo who had the same. Since there was only one DC15x (sniper type gun) upgrade card in the pack.

Then I realised that the card referred to a model armed with that. And the only way to get an extra model in the squad was via that – so I built the extra trooper with the sniper gun. Why there is an option for it to have a blaster instead I’m not sure – unless it is something to do with a strike team split maybe.

Additionally Echo (named character upgrade) can be armed with pistols or sniper type. But on his profile card he has range 1-5, so that seems to imply a sniper rifle – so that is what he got 😊

So now it is just the AT RT to go from last May’s bundle.

I’m hoping that I can get that built before this May arrives…. next week…

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