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Basing project from 1980s me.

Basing project from 1980s me.

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Topping one or two bases

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The problem with creating a big sheet of green stuff to use in future is that, inevitably, you WILL end up with odd and ends that aren’t a bases worth. If you’re lucky you can combine a couple of these to cobble together one whole base, but there’s always going to be waste.

Annoying offcutsAnnoying offcuts

As I mentioned, my green stuff was on its last legs, so I didn’t mind that much. But once I had invested in a new packet, I wanted to use it a little more sparingly. Plus I only had a few bases left. So to top one or two bases at a time mix up a little green stuff, then take a couple sheets of polyethylene (I used a couple of plastic bags that some miniatures came in). Next put a couple of drops of water on the plastic to stop the green stuff from sticking. Then make a green stuff sandwich with the plastic as the bread, and flatten the green stuff until it’s the correct size to cover a base.

Greenstuff SandwichGreenstuff Sandwich
Squashing the greenstuffSquashing the greenstuff

I put this on my base, used a damp texture roller to add the pattern and trimmed off the excess. If there’s enough you can use that excess to do top another base, or sculpt something useful like a cannon ball, mushroom or banana (more of that in an another post).

Complete base with trimmed-off excess. Complete base with trimmed-off excess.

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