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Basing project from 1980s me.

Basing project from 1980s me.

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First steps.

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High tech rolling pinHigh tech rolling pin

The green stuff that I had in the house was at least 18 months old, and had become rather difficult to mix. However I persevered and then attempted to get it as flat as possible by putting it between two sheets of baking paper and rolling it flat with an empty wine bottle. I suppose a full wine bottle might have done a better job, as it would be heavier, but then you run the risk of spilling wine. So I always like to decant my wine into a safe place first: my stomach.


Keep it dampKeep it damp

Next I used the ‘Triple Hex’ roller from GSW to add a texture that works, for me anyway, as the pavements of Mega City One. I find it useful to dip this roller in some water before you begin, as it stops any green stuff getting stuck in details of the roller.


Triple Hex pattern Triple Hex pattern

By the time my next hobby session rolled around the green stuff had fully cured, so it was time to cut out the base toppers. I put a hex base upside down on the green stuff and scored around its edges. After removing the base I made a few passes of the scores with my hobby knife until I had cut out the topper. My green stuff was a lot thicker than is ideal, so this took a longer than I hoped.


One base topper down.One base topper down.

Next I super glued the green stuff topper to the base, flipped it upside down again and carefully cut out a slot for the chosen miniatures tab to fit into.

Making the slotMaking the slot

After a few of these I decided to make a curb and road. I glued a piece of sand paper to the base to give the road surface texture, and then added a carefully cut section of my textured green stuff, which was luckily so thick it makes an instant curb.

I’m not sure if I should now paint the bases that I’ve done, or continue basing until I’ve done them all, then move onto basing.

Curb Joe DreddCurb Joe Dredd

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