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‘Begun, this Clone Force has’ – starting out on Star Wars Legion

‘Begun, this Clone Force has’ – starting out on Star Wars Legion

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'Hello there'

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8th July 2023

Title is a give away….. its time for Mr Kenobi.

The armour was done in the same way as the rest of the clones.  There was the addition of some highlights on his dark trousers.

Then it was on to the robes.

'Hello there'

I spent extra time on these, layering up and then doing a couple of highlight stages.

However, instead of my usual highlighting I went a bit brighter and also instead of highlighting the whole ridge of cloth etc I just picked out top and bottom of the folds – and it seemed to work well.

Guess I’ve been highlighting too simply  in the past  🙂

Flesh and hairFlesh and hair

Then onto the face.

Not completely happy with how the skin came out, but don’t want to attempt to modify it and potentially make it worse.

I highlighted the beard and the top of the hair in a couple of stages, and that then helped the overall look of the head.

Pushing myself a little

After painting the lightsaber (by picking a viewpoint and then highlighting up through blues to a white line) I asked some friends if I should try to paint the red symbol on Obi’s shoulder pad.

The first response was a yes, so I decided to go for it  😀

Came out ok(ish)Came out ok(ish)

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