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‘Begun, this Clone Force has’ – starting out on Star Wars Legion

‘Begun, this Clone Force has’ – starting out on Star Wars Legion

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Some introductory gameplay....

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5th August 2023

Last evening I visited a friend who ran me through the basics for a introductory game.

We played 500 pts on a smaller play area.

He was using rebels with Andor, K2SO,  wookies, snipers, fleet Troopers, veterans and an emplacement trooper.

I had a commander,  padme, arcs, two squads of phase 1 and a barc speeder.

Initial setupInitial setup

Having read the rules I had a core grasp of the game,  but there is so much more you can learn by actually playing and asking questions  😀

For Star Wars Legion a lot of the ‘game’ seems to be around tailoring your mission, conditions and setup cards to best suit your army list – and the game starts off by players in turn choosing to eliminate some of these.

We ended up with quite a close deployment,  vp’s for crossing through board and not being able to shoot past range 2 on the first turn.

My 1 pip card gave me the first turn, using Padme to move the order from her to Fives, which allowed me to put an order on the nearby clones as well.

We forgot about my commanders ability to also have a free order out….

I used fire support (using two units activations) to wipe out the veterans.

His fleet troops then moved up and with fire support from the emplacement gun inflicted some damage to my vanguard.

Next up I had the barc speeder shoot at the wookies, with fire support from the second clone squad.  Some good dice saw three of the 3 wound wookies go down, with the last one being injured.

The rest was more small exchanges.

The rebel snipers, and Andor have nasty abilities that pretty much negate cover, dodge and armour, so picked off a few more clones.

And K2SO dished out a few hits.

His remaining wookie charged up, but the arcs managed to survive.


Some introductory gameplay....

The second turn saw shenanigans from Andor allowing him to shoot twice, taking out a few more clones, and go on standby.

The arcs failed two armour saves and couldn’t use dodge, so went down to the wookie.

On the Clone side, they wiped out the fleet troops and the emplacement gun, and also put some wounds on Andor – but more importantly taking away his standby token.

End of turn twoEnd of turn two

Due to time we called it at that point.

The clones were planning to use air strike next turn…

The rebels had an uninjured K2SO and sniper team, plus an injured wookie and injured Andor.

The clones had an uninjured commander, padme and barc speeder, plus 4 clones Inc big gun.

Definitely a lot more for me to learn, bit I think it went OK for a first outing.

The clones have some interesting abilities around passing their green tokens around, and fire support.

And the different upgrades and unit specific rules for each faction can certainly swing something from ok to pretty nasty…


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