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WAR - An Open Source War Game

WAR - An Open Source War Game

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Profiling Units, Equipment and Weapons

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At its core everything resolves around the profile stats of any given unit. So let’s think about how we describe things in a war game.

A Unit (Whether that be one or more characters) will often need the following descriptors

Points (the cost of this unit or part thereof)
Type (do all units fall into a specific classification?)
Movement (how they move)
Melee Skill (how effective are they at close combat fighting)
Ballistic Skill (how effective are they are at using weapons)
Toughness/Defence (how tough are they)
Strength (how strong are they)
Size/Height (Indicator of volume of the unit)
Armour (how effective is their armour)
Health/Wounds (how many wounds can they take)
Leadership (how effective is their leadership)
Save (saving throw to shake off hits or wounds)
Any Special Rules

A weapon may have the following

Attacks (number of dice to roll for the attack)
Armour Penetration/Rend (ability to negate armour)
Damage (damage inflicted per successful wound)
Special Rules

The key is distilling it down to a coherent set of descriptors and work out how they interact with one another.

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Cult of Games Member

OK. Good reading everything so far I am presuming you want to have this ruleset for skirmish games. I just don’t think one ruleset can do everything. The same ruleset can’t really represent a raid on Pegasus Bridge one night and then something like the whole El Alamein battle the next. Favourite mechanics are rolling for unit activation as per Fire and Fury ACW rules from 1990 success dependant on officer quality and morale of the troops Also like hidden movement and spotting which keeps things interesting as well as pre game scouting as per Fantasy Warriors by Grenadier and… Read more »

Cult of Games Member

Sounds interesting. Is the blog picture and logo AI generated?

Cult of Games Member

A couple of my thoughts. I think wounds should just be 1 for both simplicity and realism and here is how I envision it. You roll to hit, if the shot hits it already hits. Then you roll or compare armour/toughness against the strength of the weapon to see if that hit is a lethal hit. If it is, than that kind of already takes that model out of battle. I don’t think there should be a limit to range on most weapons used on the tabletop, as it is kind of odd that a bullet would just stop after… Read more »

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