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Draconis does.... Kings of War Vanguard

Draconis does.... Kings of War Vanguard

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Northern Alliance - plastic parts

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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22nd September 2023

After the restic it was on to the plastics this past week.  I was looking forward to these after the clean up on the restic, but there was actually a fair amount of clean up required here too.

These are an older kit, so the details at the sides go a little ‘soft’. They are crisp at the front, but suffer from the older plastic casting, that mantic seem to have gotten past now by changing their manufacturers.

There are ten bodies, in five designs, and the same applies to the rest. Ten spears, five designs and ten hand weapons in five designs. I decided to go for five with spear and five with hand weapon, so that each could have a different weapon sculpt.

Ten shields in five designs as well, meaning that models had to have duplicated shields – so I made sure that I didn’t have the same shield on the same body, just to maintain variety.

There are also four female heads out of the ten, and with the heavily clothed bodies they can work on any of them – which is good.

So, here they are assembled. (Two backpacks to add)

I think they look pretty nice all together 👍

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