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Dan's Dungeonalia

Dan's Dungeonalia

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Hero of the day!

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
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The plucky hero who’s going to take on the villain and his cultists all on at once (what could possibly go wrong?) is yet another Hasslefree model:


HFH130 Grond


The greens were either castellan green washed biel-tan green and then highlighted straken green followed by nurgling green, or death world forest washed athonian camoshade and then highlighted elysian green followed by ogryn camo.


The browns were either mournefang brown washed agrax earthshade then highlighted skrag brown then deathclaw brown, or steel legion drab washed agrax earthshade then highlighted tallarn sand followed by karak stone.


The hair was painted xv-88, washed seraphim sepia then highlighted balor brown followed by zamesi desert.


The skin was painted bugman’s glow, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted cadian fleshtone followed by kislev flesh.


The bronze metallics were either painted warplock bronze and then highlighted  brass scorpion followed by runelord brass, or screaming bell washed reikland fleshshade then highlighted hashut copper followed by sycorax bronze.


The sword steel was painted leadblecher, washed nuln oil, then highlighted ironbreaker followed by runefang steel.

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