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PanzerKaput Goes To Barons' War

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons' War

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Ayyubid Forces for Baron's War Outremer

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Ayyubid Commander, Meuzzin and BannermanAyyubid Commander, Meuzzin and Bannerman

Its been a while since I picked up any paint brushes let alone painted for Barons War, been through a bit of a hobby slump since October last year, just peeing about with my 3d printer and playing games, so many games. Well I thought it was time to change that and I started to work on my Outremer project, in fact the Forces of Islam, The Ayyubid faction, Salah al Din’s boys them selves.

I started going through my Outremer Kickstarter, which had been left to one side, in the vain hope it will paint itself, no luck there, so I pulled the Muslims out and looks at the mounted troops and thought they will be nice to do.

So I gather them into small groups to paint, starting with the Horse Archers first, then the Faris, some Light Cavalry and ended with the Ghulams and the Sayyid and his command.

I have to admit I did have fear in painting these as they are some many colours and details of these little chaps, Paul Hick’s has done an amazing job on them, so I limited myself to 6 key colours with Teal being the main unifying colour to tie them all together.

I also hand painted all of the shields as the prays on them were all hand written and I thought that would be better achieved by hand painting, in true that do look good for it, but I could of used transfers and that would of been quicker, not sure if better.

So I have the whole painted force, which is about 700 points of screaming Muslims to kill all Christians and sweep them from the Holy Lands. I am very pleased with them and next will be the infantry.

I had to create the banner but that will be another post.

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