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KoW Armada

KoW Armada

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Boats & Buoys

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While brainstorming names for the event, we realised that we could take the Oxford boat race idea a step further, and make it a part of the event!

The concept is that during each game, there will be an additional tiny ship given to each player representing some VIP nobility that the higher ups consider of political importance to be kept alive.

Each player will be attempting to get their race ship across the table, if at the end of the game it has reached their opponent’s deployment zone then they will be awarded +1 tournament point, aiding them on the tournament score board but not influencing the victory conditions of the scenario being played.

Additionally, if they are able to surrender/sink their opponent’s race boat then they will be awarded a second +1 tournament point, so there are two points to play for in each game.

My brother, Grey Hunter on the site, 3D sculpted both the boats and navigation buoys to mark deployment zones then we printed a bunch which I have painted brightly because why not. Poncy nobility wish to be seen on their adventures!

Boats & Buoys
Boats & Buoys

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