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To the Trenches! Chain of Command

To the Trenches! Chain of Command

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How its done .... Sandbags

Tutoring 2
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This is the part where the model reaches its final stage of construction. It starts out exciting but ill admit, does become a bit tedious the more you do it.

First I roll out some blue tac until its about 4mm wide.

Then I flatten the roll with a lolly pop stick – I find this gives a decent thickness of the bag, and also it naturally rounds the edges slightly.

I then cut the bags from the strip of blue tac. About 9mm ish. I try to keep the bag the size of a infantrymans chest to stomach as that feels about right.

Once they have been cut to size, I use a sculpting tool (to be fair a cocktail stick would work just as well) to score each end to represent a seam of the sand bag.


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