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Pandora's Box [Insert innuendo]

Pandora's Box [Insert innuendo]

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The End Is Nigh

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It’s done. Completed more of the spring clean challenge than anticipated and the Pandora’s Box is painted.

Quality is not great, particularly on the troops, but I hate painting units… not ideal for wargaming… but I’m more a role-player.

I may yet do something with the bases, but not so much that they won’t fit back in the box as I have the store the damned thing.

They think it's all over...They think it's all over...

And here’s Atlas… the only titan that was part of the core pledge.

I know… he looks a bit crap… but I slapped a lot of contrast paint on him and hoped he’d come out… less crap…

Having used an awful lot of contrast and speed paint in this project I have mixed feelings on them. With textures: cloth, scales, fur, wood and the like they are a useful tool in the painting arsenal. But there are parts of models that look better with conventional paints and a separate wash afterwards.

At last... Atlas...At last... Atlas...

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