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Pandora's Box [Insert innuendo]

Pandora's Box [Insert innuendo]

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During the painting of this project I had some moments of madness… three of them… and bought Hephaestus, Hera and Poseidon expansions.

As they are new… they are not part of the Spring Clean Challenge for this year.

But they will appear in the project system at some point.

One thing that has come out of painting this game is a desire to paint 75mm miniatures and I bought my first one… a cheapo Masterbox mini.

It did not go well as I tried to paint it first and assemble after… lets just say the glue was poorly applied and I had to do a lot of repainting. If I make it look acceptable I’ll post an image at some point.

I have since bought two more figures, but they have not arrived yet.

Not sure about my next project. I have a Carnevale kickstarter that has barely been touched, incomplete armies for Warmachine, the last box of Journeys in Middle Earth and everything I bought for Shatterpoint… plus a load more.

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