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Stormcast Sequitors

Stormcast Sequitors

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Project Blog by robsaunders

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About the Project

I picked up some of the Easy To Build Sequitors from GW to paint. He is my Project Blog about it!

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Test mini

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(sorry about the terrible camera phone picture)(sorry about the terrible camera phone picture)

Here is the test mini I did for the Sequitors.  I wanted to do something different from the standard metallic armour and I love painting red so I went with the armour as a Mephiston Red base, a Nuil Oil shade and a highlight of Evil Sunz Scarlet.

I did the  main cloth on his tabard thing Macragge Blue, Nuil Oil wash, highlighted with Calgar Blue and another wash of Nuil Oil to dull down the quite bright highlights.

The other cloth was done using a Zandri Dust base,  am Agrax Earthshade wash and a Ushabti Bone highlight.

I’m pretty happy with the result and can’t wait to finish the other two!

It begins...

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I popped into my local Games Workshop this weekend and decided to buy something just to paint.  I ended up buying the awesome Easy To Build Stormcast Eternal Sequitors mainly because of that leader model without the helmet! What a model!

I started building them tonight and I decided that I didn’t want any of them to be wearing helmets so I did a couple of head swaps using some spare Necromunda heads (namely an Orlock and a Van Saar).  I think they look pretty cool and can’t wait to get some paint on them!