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Kill Team – genestealer cult

Kill Team – genestealer cult

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Project Blog by dugthefug1644

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About the Project

I fell in love with all the hype around Kill Team. I had considered getting into the last version, but knew too little about 40k at the time. I started hobbying in 40k with the Dark Imperium box and have been looking forward to the new Kill Team rules since it was announced. The new box gave me a bite at 2 factions I had never played before and had been especially interested in the tyrinids and genestealers since playing Space Crusade as a kid. This is my journey into building, painting and playing with my genestealer Kill Team.

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Starting beyond the box.

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Starting beyond the box.

I watched a Kill Team unboxing by Ash Barker (GMG YouTube channel) and he offered a piece of information few of the other unboxers had done. That the genestealer miniatures in the box, even when maxed out to the best possible weapons and load outs in the game, would not reach the advised 100 points they suggest that you play the game at.

With this in mind I grabbed the new rule book and my bits box and looked to see whether I could boost the point count without purchasing whole sprues or boxes of extra product.

I own GW mini game Lost Patrol, which has Tyranids chasing scouts in it. I have spare arms and heads from the build of Lost Patrol.

I read that there is a genestealer varient called an Aberrant that was basically armed with strong Tyranid style arms, usually 3, and meant for close combat work.

I knew that what I had wasn’t really going to be close enough to the GW very buff and pretty big models from the studios, but I felt I could make something that people would still be willing to play against and would ultimately meet the brief of a strong, hammer or pick wielding genestealer hybrid.

I used 2 Lost Patrol Tyranid arms, I used a Celtic warrior legs and torso from Warlord Games to give me the well cut chest and six pack I wanted. I packed out the shoulders under a ripped shirt made of greenstuff and added some off cuts of Tyranid claw parts growing out of his right boot, to continue the mutated theme. I stuck some pieces of sprue to the back to imitate the protruding spine that the aberrant’s seem to have.

I added some blood around the spine to try to narrate that the mutation had been more sudden than the usual generational incremental growth usually associated with the cults.

He will probably look like a runt of the litter when compared to any other aberrants I may meet or end up with, but I am happy how he turned out.

The basing has a greenstuff cable leading to a light fitting that is from the terrain sprue that comes with the box set.

The axe is from a Mantic Games, Kings of War bits box with a greenstuff cable added, to try and drag it away from Fantasy and into Science Fiction.

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