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Organizing an event

Organizing an event

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Project Blog by sundancer

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About the Project

So I've asked *twice* in the forums for advice on organizing an event/tournament. As @davehawes has suggested I'll try to document my progress (or lack of) in a project.

This Project is Cancelled

6 months past...

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and I ain’t one step further.

Conclusion time: you need time and energy and have to act more frequently to get an event going.

Maybe next time. For this time I’ll cancel my plans for a SW:L tournament. Not only because I can’t make it work but because someone else in my part of the woods already did two tournaments and the third is around the corner.

Thanks for the ride. This one is over.

5 Weeks ins

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Miracles happen. I’ve got response from official support. The bad news is, currently there is no official merch yet they can supply. To bad.

Now if my dripping nose will let me concentrate for more than 20 seconds I will go back to planing.

9 days into the project

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Still no word from the distributor. Shame. So now for some asking around local stores.

Thanks to all those who left constructive criticism in the comments! Much appreciated.

48 hours into the project

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So it has been 48 hours since I’ve contacted the organized play person from our national SW:L distributor and I have had no response till. Now I know the person is not a full time employee but a student who only works part time. (Though he had said in the past that he’s not in the office Monday and Tuesday so he should be in the office.) I’ll let this sit another 7 days and then maybe send another mail.

On the other hand some folks here and in other forums and on facebook left some good advice. Nut much, but some.

Why did I write this “48 hrs” text? Because I am impatient and if anybody in the future reads this please be patient. Planing takes time. A lot of it.

Next step: asking local dealers/shops if they want to participate in any way.

In the beginning there was darkness....

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So I was thinking about hosting a Star Wars: Legion tournament in late 2018 or early 2019. And I had some thoughts about it and wrote a lengthy piece on my hobby blog (in German) It boils down to:

  • How to get enough terrain
  • How to get enough tables
  • How to get prizes
  • How much planing time is needed?

What I have:

  • Motivation
  • A location for up to 20 players
  • Enough mats/tables (and possibly Terrain) for 10 tables

What I don’t have:

  • Experience as tournament organizer. (I only did some “general events” were other people ran their tournaments)
  • Volunteers

All this for a small event with max. 16 players. Any ideas, thoughts or hints to share? 🙂

What have I done so far:

  • wrote a blog post
  • wrote in our local gaming club forum
  • asked in a FB group
  • bother you lot again
  • wrote an email to the official Asmodee OP support.

Now to wait a bit for replies.

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