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E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne – a Band of Brothers Bolt Action project by Bothi

E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne – a Band of Brothers Bolt Action project by Bothi

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Project Blog by bothi

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About the Project

After visiting the first Bolt Action Bootcamp in 2015 I came away with my first Bolt Action minis. I went with American Airborne, as I love Band of Brothers and always wanted to recreate them on the tabletop. I started painting right away and finished about a dozent minis. But as we weren't playing BA at all at the time it somewhat went dry in the sand.
We started getting back into Bolt Action a few month ago with playing the Battle of the Bulge campaign by Warlord. There is a project about this already:


But as the above mentioned project is about our campaign, I though why not put up another project on my progress on the famous Easy Company. Currahee!

This Project is Active

The Man himself!

Tutoring 0
Skill 4
Idea 4

Started to work on Dick Winters tonight. I tried to get the limited Historicon model for years with no luck. But then Warlord re-issued a lot of their limited figures for their anniversay last year. Thank you for that.

He is not finished yet, as I only had 1,5h tonight to paint, but it’s a start. But there is a lot left to be done and I tried out wet blending for the first time. Not sure if I like the result. Judge for yourself:

The Man himself!
The Man himself!
The Man himself!

3rd Squad, Fire Support

Tutoring 6
Skill 10
Idea 7
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As I finished 1st Squad during the Bootcamp last weekend I got to work on 3rd Squad during this week and finished today.

3rd Squad you say? This is only due to the numbering I have below the bases. And as I wanted to paint a fire support squad next, 3rd Squad was up 😀

The Squad consists of:

  • a Sergeant with SMG
  • a PFC with a BAR
  • a Sarge, a Corporal and 2 Privates manning 2 .30cal MGs
  • a Corporal, two PFCs and a Private with Carbines

As an MG team consists of two soldiers in Bolt Action and they can be killed individually, I magnetized the second guy onto the MG base. This way I can remove the second guy and still leave the MG. Or I can remove the MG and still have the second guy running around. It was a bit fiddlely with the snow, but I am quite satisfied with the result.

Entire SquadEntire Squad
Rifle SectionRifle Section
MG SectionMG Section
Sarge (NCO)Sarge (NCO)
BAR GunnerBAR Gunner
Magnetization on MG teamsMagnetization on MG teams

1st Squad, finally finished

Tutoring 2
Skill 7
Idea 7
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So after 3 years I went back and finally finished 1st Squad. Due to the very detailed step-by-step I’ve written years back I was able to reproduce the paint scheme quite well. I only had to replace a few of the colors as they went dry or I had used them up on other projects. But judge for yourself.

The Squad was completed to consist of 12 men with 2 more rilfe men, 2 men carrying SMGs and a single BAR gunner.

The new guys!The new guys!
Rifle Section (6 Rifles, 1 BAR)Rifle Section (6 Rifles, 1 BAR)
Assault Section (5 SMGs, incl. the Sarge)Assault Section (5 SMGs, incl. the Sarge)
1st Squad completed1st Squad completed

... 3 years later ...

Tutoring 8
Skill 5
Idea 5
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After the existing part of 1st Squad was finished I stopped working on the project for about 3 years. So it was only a few weeks ago when I went back to this army. This time I am commited to at least finish 75% of this army that has grown over the years to more than a hundred minis.

First problem was to recreate the paint scheme. Fortunately I had writen a step by step painting guide for these. For anyone interested, here it is (loosely translated from German):

Step Title Color Comment
1 Base Coating Brown Violet Green Entire Minis
2 Skin Bestigor Flesh
3 Highlights Skin Elven Felsh
4 Large Highlights Uniform Brown Violet with Hellion Green don’t forget the chin strap
5 Fine Highlights Uniform Brown Violte with more Hellion Green Light drybrush on Helmet and don’t forget the chin strap
6 Base Color Equipment Baylor Brown with Hellion Green
7 Highlights Equipment Baylor Brown with more Hellion Green
8 Inner part of mouth Red Gore
9 Teeth, Eyes and Helmet White Spade on Helmet, Officers with vertical line
10 Mouth Edges and Eyebrows Bugmans Glow
11 Eyes Black
12 Corrections Face Elven Felsh
13 Corrections Helmet Brown Violet Green
14 Helmet Camo 1 Bestial Brown
15 Hair Bestial Brown
16 Helmet Camo 2 Steel Legion Drap
17 Helmet Camo 3 Caliban Green
18 Helmet Highlight 2 Baylor Brown on topof the Steel Legion Drap
19 Helmet Highlight 3 Brown Violet on top of the Caliban Green
20 Weapon Holsters and Boots Bestial Brown with Red and Black Pistol Holser, Knife Sheath and entire Boots
21 Highlights Holsters and Boots Bestial Brown with Red Pistol Holser, Knife Sheath and  Boots
22 Helmet Highlight 1 Bestial Brown with Red on top of the Bestial Brown
23 Bootlaces Baylor Brown with more Hellion Greed
24 Wooden Parts Bestial Brown Rifles and lower parts of the entrechment tools
25 Wood Highlights Steel Legion Drap 50% on the same parts, upper half
26 Metal Parts Gunmetal Rifles, SMGs, Grenade, Ent. Tool shafts, Knife handles, Drinking Bottle Clasp, Other Claps
27 Rifle Shading Nuln Oil Rifle metal parts
28 Metal Shading Black Ink SMGs, Grenades, Ent. Tool shafts, Knife handles, Drinking Bottle Clasp, Other Claps
29 Base Bestial Brown Only where needed
30 Decals Flag and rank right, Eagle and rank left
31 Decals fix up Army Painter Matt Varnish
32 Dipping Army Painter Dark Tone
33 Matt Coating AP Matt Varnish with a drop of GW ‘Ardcoat entire mini
34 1. Snow Layer Snowpaste by Noch use a lot
35 2. Snow Layer Snowpaste by Noch bullet holes, explosion craters, don’t forget the gras
36 Blackshading Nuln Oil bullet holes and explosion craters
37 Blackshading 2 Black Ink centre of bullet holes and explosion craters
38 Blood Blood for the Bloodgod only where needed
39 Edge Cleaning get rid of excess snow
40 Black Rim Black


Easy, 1st squad

Tutoring 2
Skill 9
Idea 8

After finishing the HQ I started to work on the first squad. As I had not had all the minis yet the squad was only 7 men strong at the time. There are a couple of Privates, PFCs and Corporals and the squad is lead by a Staff Sergeant.

The SargeThe Sarge
PFC of the assault sectionPFC of the assault section
Entire SquadEntire Squad

Screaming Eagles HQ

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 5
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Here we go. First of all there will at first some aweful pics in the first post in this project. These are old pics (3+ years) from when I first started painting these. I guess I really didn’t know how to take pics back then.

The first thing I painted was a few of the HQ models. These are my Lieutenant, his accompanying First Sergeant and Technical Seargeant.

The LTThe LT
LT with his two SergeantsLT with his two Sergeants

Next up was the Observer. He doubles as an artillery or aircraft observer in the game. He is a Technician 4th Grade and accompanied by a Technician 5th Grade.

The Observer (sorry for the overexposition)...The Observer (sorry for the overexposition)...
... and with his colleague... and with his colleague

Last but not least is the medic. He again is a Technician 4th Grade and accompanied by another Technician 5th Grade.


Medic Team (again sorry for the overexposition)Medic Team (again sorry for the overexposition)
The entire HQ in a single shotThe entire HQ in a single shot