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Foehammer’s A Song of Ice and Fire

Foehammer’s A Song of Ice and Fire

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About the Project

Unfortunately, a friend of mine has got me involved in yet another new tabletop game.

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Let it snow, Let it snow

Tutoring 2
Skill 5
Idea 3
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Continued work on my unit bases. Given the importance of the coming winter in Game of Throne, I figured I’d make the bases have a recently melted/trampled snowfall.

Grass were Buffalo Grass Tufts, glued on with superglue. The snow is watered down light wall spackle. It’s applied wet with a sculpting tool, and dries like a partially melted mound. After drying I coat it in watered down  white glue to seal it.

All basesAll bases
Cavalry baseCavalry base
Infantry baseInfantry base
Light wall spackleLight wall spackle

It’s all about that base...’bout that base

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4
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Decided to make some quick progress over the past few days on the unit bases. Texturing was rather simple.

1) Initial layer was super glue and baking soda to give a fine first texture

2) second layer was superglue to add small patches of normal playground sand for areas of rougher ground

This was followed by basic priming with krylon grey primer. Paint started with

1) dark brown black basecoat

2) drybrush leather brown heavy

3) lighter drybrush beige grown

4) lighter drybrush khaki

5) patchy drybrush of a bone color

I then painted the inserts, arc markings, and base edges with flat black. The next steps will include adding grass and snow flocks.

Fully painted basesFully painted bases

Jumping in

Tutoring 1
Skill 6
Idea 3

So, after debating it for several weeks, and getting another demo game in, I decided to jump in. The minis are really nice to paint, and a departure from the other games I am painting. The gameplay is fun and fast, and the way characters impact gameplay means a small army can play a bunch of different ways based on what characters you include. Mostly due to painting opportunities and the characters, I decided to jump in with Lannisters. A good deal on the starter set, and two days later, and I had a force and was off painting.

I decided, at least initially, to go with House Clegane. The Hound is a favorite character of mine from the show, and the force plays a little more offensively then the typical Lannister force. Also, it would involve the challenge of paining yellow, which I haven’t really had to deal with before.

Below is the start of my army painting, a unit of the “Mountains Men”. As each unit is only 12 guys, and 3-4 sculpts, I found I could bulk paint them up rather quickly, just varying color locations on the models.

Mountain's Men 1Mountain's Men 1
Mountain's Men 2Mountain's Men 2
Mountain's Men 3Mountain's Men 3

Just a taste

Tutoring 4
Skill 8
Idea 6
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So, like many people these days, I’m a big fan of the HBO Game of Thones series. When I noticed the kickstarter for the A Song of Ice and Fire game ~1 year ago, my interest was peaked, but I’ve back a lot of KS, only to have trouble getting a local gaming group together.

Fast forward a year or so, and the stuff hits retail. A small group at my local shop, including one of my good friends, get into it. I take him up on an offer to get a demo game in, and I really like it. A lot of the gameplay of old school Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but faster and less clunky. Miniatures aren’t over-the-moon quality, but are still very good for pre-assembled figs.

I decide to think on it for a while. I’m not sure I want to get into another game. Also, I’m a hobbiest more than a gamer, and pre-assembled IP-figs don’t easily allow for the level of conversion and personalization work I like to include in my games. However, the boxes are ~$30 for units, so I decide to pick up the Lannister character set to try painting. It has several of my favorite characters: Tyrion, Tywin, the Hound.

Images of these initially painted figs are included below. I must say I really enjoyed painting these figs, the details were fairly good, and the red coloration was a divergence from my usual color pallet.

Battle-Tyrion FrontBattle-Tyrion Front
Battle-Tyrion RearBattle-Tyrion Rear
WIP High SparrowWIP High Sparrow
WIP Sandor Clegane FrontWIP Sandor Clegane Front
WIP Sandor Clegane BackWIP Sandor Clegane Back

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