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Klorophil’s Bolt Action armies

Klorophil’s Bolt Action armies

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About the Project

Hi guys, Just a collection of everything that I'll do that is Bolt Action related. I have a couple of armies in the work and so will be adding my progress on them here. Enjoy!

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Adding the dark tones.

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Skill 4
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Here you can see I added some darker tones to the minis. Actually, I only did a single pass of my previous color mixed with Formula P3 Rucksack Tan. I put in a little bit too much in my mix. You’ll see later that it ended up too dark once the wash was applied. At least to my taste.


Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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So this is my first step in painting the soldiers of the 22ieme Regiment. Like I always do, I started by priming them black. Then I made a 45deg. pass with gray and finished with pure white from the top. I thus achieved my zenithal higlight. I still don’t have an airbrush so I simply used spray cans. The texture and fineness of the paint is a little rough but I think it doesn’t show too much. Getting an airbrush is one of my 2019 resolutions so we’ll see if it makes any difference when priming models.

Once that was dry I started researching the uniform. Obviously there isn’t a lot of color photos dating from World War II so it was a bit difficult finding reference material about the 22ieme. However, I found plenty of pictures of Major Paul Triquet, a decorated officer of the 22ieme. So I based my colors on his uniform. I understand that he was an officer and that his soldiers’ uniforms were a little bit different but it will have to do as I couldn’t find any better references on the web.

The base uniform is a mix of 3/4 Formula P3 Menoth White Base and 1/4 Formula P3 Menoth White Highlight. It may seem a little light right now, but passes of darker tones and washes will follow.

Royale 22ieme Regiment

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
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So this is my newest Bolt Action army. It is inspired by the Royal 22ieme Regiment of Quebec City, Canada, my hometown. Oblviously they were part of the Canadian Army during WWII. They fought on the Italian front in 1943 onward. They were in Sicily and Monte Cassino to name but a few battle in which they fought. It was one of the few french-speaking regiments who fought for Canada and the Commonwealth during the Second World War. The regiment is still active nowadays and is based in BFC Valcartier north of Quebec City.

Painting wise I’ll try and do a small tutorial like I did for my SW Legion stuff.