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Klorophil's Bolt Action armies

Klorophil's Bolt Action armies

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Finishing touches.

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We’re almost done. I then painted the face. I used Formula P3 Khardic Flesh. Washed with Citadel’s Reikland Fleshade. Highlights were done with a mix of P3 Khardic Flesh and Midlundflesh, simply adding more Midlundflesh until I was happy with the results.

Leather straps and wooden stocks were done in Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather. Washed with Citadel’s Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted with a mix of Bootstrap Leather and P3’s Rucksack Tan.

Metal parts were basecoated with P3’s Thamar Black. However, any flat black would do the job. I then lightly drybrushed some Army Painter’s Gun Metal over that. I was careful not to touch the parts already painted in another color. You could use any metallic paints as long as it’s not too silvery or bright. I find that painting weapons and metallic parts fully in metallic paint doesn’t give a realistic result. It is ok for fantasy minis or WH40K but for Bolt Action I prefer a more gritty feel. It also makes the weapons look battle worn and used.

Last was the hands. I simply redid the same step as for the faces. I did the hands last to leave me space to paint the weapons and weapon’s drybrushing etc.

You’ll see in the pictures that I painted the bases brown. I think it was Bootstrap Leather again but any brown would do. I do that before flocking the bases so that if there’s any little spot that I miss it won’t shine through as the base is already in the same tones as the flock.

I’ll try and take some good pictures of the finished models.

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