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Da Boss and his minions

Da Boss and his minions

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Project Blog by limburger Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

Gloomspite Gitz are the silliest faction in Age of Sigmar. So why not theme their army after the silliest evil animated creatures ?

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Introducing : Da Boss

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Da boss ... ready for primingDa boss ... ready for priming

Yay Da Boss is build.
I hope I can find more time to continue this project, because I need this build before the 40k hobby weekend.

This is a Dankhold Troggoth boss. I followed the Dankhold Troggoth in the instructions, because he looked better.

I’m keeping his big ol’ club separate, because it will make painting a bit easier. The box has a few mushrooms to add to the base. I’ll be adding them once I get to painting his base.

This completes the generals/leaders of my minions.
Next up are the minions themselves. I don’t have enough units to make a valid army yet, but I need to build what I got first.

The units I’ll be building are at their minimal size, which means I need more minions to make it viable as an army.
Plus with minions being so squishy bigger is always better.


Introducing : Mollog's Mob

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Another Nightvault unit : Mollog’s Mob.

It says ‘easy build’ on the box, but this one was a tad trickier.
Mollog himself only required a bit of care when adding his right fist. It also needed glue.

The tiny critters were a tad trickier because they are 3 parts that need to be put together in the correct order. The end result is pretty neat as both the bat and rock-like creature have a tiny tongue as a separate piece.

In the groups shot you can see Zagbag from the previous entry as a reference. Mologg isn’t as big as I was expecting him to be, so I’m not sure if he’ll do as a boss.

Introducing : Zagbag's Gitz

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Zagbag’s Gitz are a unit that meant to be used in Nightvault.
However they do have stats in the Gloomspite Gitz book.
They may not be an effective unit for tournaments, but then this list is build for fun. Any use as an army in a tournament is a bonus.

The box had two sprues. Every single model is unique with their own textured base. And like it says on the box : easy-build

Initial army list

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After reading the book and rules I was a bit confused as to how exactly an Age of Sigmar army is made.

However with the help of the forum ( ) and the Warscroll builder ( ) I got the basics sorted.

Top tip : remember to set your ‘Grand allegiance’ to ‘Destruction’ and your Allegiance to the faction you’re using to create the core of your list. This will ensure that the correct units as battlelines are treated as battlelines once you set the general of your army.

This list merely represents the initial units of the army.


  • Mologg

  • Dankhold Trogboss

  • Zagbag


  • Zagbag's Gitz

  • Rockgut Troggoths

  • Shootas or Stabbas

  • Loonsmasha Fanatics

  • Squig hopperz or Boingrot Bounderz


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So yeah … Age of Sigmar got me.
Or rather … the Gloomspite Gitz did.
And these funny little guys made me think of the silliest evil henchmen ever created : the minions.

The idea is therefor quite simple : I gotz to build me an army … a yellow and blue army of adorable evil critters.

And because Minions need a boss … they shall have one that is suitably large and impressive evil and *eh* bossy ?