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English Civil War (28mm)

English Civil War (28mm)

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Project Blog by aea007

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About the Project

28mm English Civil War project prompted by recent Warlord Sprue sale....

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28mm Pike an Shot Force

Tutoring 1
Skill 2
Idea 6

Recent Warlord Sprue sale made me ponder that as I had a single Warlord Firelock Party box, I ought to get some reinforcement to enable me do at least be able to field a small force for Pike & Shot period.

So I ordered:

  • 2 Sprues of Pike & Shot Infantry (26 figures)
  • 1 Command Sprue (3 Figures)
  • 2 Sprues of Pike & Shot Cavalry (8 Figures)

Plus original 18 figures from the Firelock Storming Party.

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