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Belgian Army for WW2

Belgian Army for WW2

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About the Project

I'm working on a Belgian army for early war World War II. It'll be used for Bolt Action and Chain of Command primarily. I am painting the following units for it: Four squads of ten regular infantry (one is completed and based) Two squads of ten Chasseurs Ardennais One T15 light tank (complete) One Chasseurs Ardennais FRC 47mms anti-tank gun One Chasseurs Ardennais FRC 76mm Infantry Gun One Regular Army FRC 47mm anti-tank gun (complete) HQ team Sniper team MMG team Light mortar team Medium mortar team I'm striving to get this completed by May to have a couple anniversary games for the Battles of Belgium and France.

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Apologies on not getting a post up sooner, but work and the painting I’ve done during this period of social distancing has caused me to neglect updating this part of the project so far.

The last couple weeks of March and the first couple days of April saw me start the army in earnest, as a local game store in North Dakota run by a good friend of mine, was holding a contest anyway. Plus, I’m hoping to have the force ready to game with my friends in May. I decided to start by tackling the infantry squads and the T15 light tank. In the couple pictures below, you’ll see them all primed up.

I had to wait a few weeks for the tank and a few other crew served weapons I needed to arrive from Warlord HQ, but once they arrived, I was excited to get going.

I found the tank kit fairly simple, though I had to do the usual trimming and finishing, as well as fiddle with one of the tracks, as it was a bit twisted, but I managed to fix it. My big frustration was that there were no decals, nor any suggestions for painting schemes. Minor problems, and ones I overcame when I painted the tank.

Fortunately, Warlord having the early war Belgian paint set helped with the infantry, as I was able to get the paints needed (mostly) at my local Hobby Lobby, and the page for the set on Warlord’s website indicated what colors were used where. The only color I wasn’t able to get was Vallejo 303 Green Tail Light for the berets of the Chasseur Ardennais, but I found Vallejo flat green subs well for this.

One thing I struggle with is highlighting, so I didn’t attempt it. After applying the paint, I hit the minis with Army Painter soft tone wash and was very pleased.

One thing to know about me and my painting is that I don’t have an airbrush, as I don’t have a good space in my apartment to set one up, so all the painting is by brush. The other thing is my eyesight is not good. I’m very nearsighted and lost most of the vision in one eye from glaucoma, so I’m painting with one good eye. Any tips or tricks you can recommend for how you thin your Vallejo paints would be appreciated, as I find that some of my paints seem a bit thick despite being new and shaken.

Anyway, I’ll try to post up some other progress but wanted to show my first finished part of this army, so please enjoy the below pictures.