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Nam 68

Nam 68

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Project Blog by piers

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About the Project

Nam 68 is a Vietnam wargame currently in development by Warwick Kinrade. This project will follow thr development of the game and the playtest forces as both develop. Nam 68 will focus on a single US platoon and its 12 month tour of duty. One (or more) player(s) will lead the platoon through patrols, engagements, and clashes with a hostile enemy force as they try to subdue the enemy prescence in their area of operations. The other player, will take the part of the Viet Cong and be tasked with appearing from the shadows to cause maximum injury to the enemy. The US soldiers will never know what they will face on a mission until the firing starts. The game can be played as a one off game or, as really intended, as a 12 game campaign representing a units Tour of Duty in Vietnam.

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Viet Cong...

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First decided to get all my Viet Cong painted, so that as soon as I have a squad of US ready I can start playtesting…

All figures by Elhiem Miniatures from their 20mm Vietnam range.

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