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Plastic Soldier Tease Battlegroup Pacific War Coming Soon


The Plastic Soldier Company has been teasing the coming of a new book for those who want to dive into a different theatre of war.

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Join Lance, John and Ben as they browse through your awesome projects from this week.

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The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Five: Zhukov Strikes Back


Oriskany closes out this article series on Kursk as he explores the true ending of this titanic battle and asks for your thoughts on how you'd play it out yourself...

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Four: The Myth Of Prokhorovka


Join Oriskany as he distils down Prokhorovka and busts some myths about this particular portion of The Battle Of Kursk and recreates it on the tabletop!

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Three: Assault From The South


We've seen how the conflict brews in the North and now we turn our attention to the South in the next in this epic article series!

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part Two: Assault From The North


We get stuck into Kursk even more as we look towards an Assault From The North (no Starks involved...) in this instalment!

The Battle Of Kursk: 75th Anniversary // Part One: Games & Background


We get things started as Oriskany, our Historical Editor, takes us through a summary of Kursk and goes through the game systems you can use to play out this mighty battle!

New Battlegroup Torch Campaign Supplement Lands From PSC


Plastic Soldier Company has now released an additional Campaign Supplement for you to snap up when playing Battlegroup Torch.

Baptism By Fire: 1943 // Americans In Tunisia – Part Four


Join us for the last part of this epic Desert War article series...

Baptism By Fire: 1943 // Americans In Tunisia – Part Three


More fierce fighting breaks out as we explore Operation Sturmflut and more this week!

Baptism By Fire: 1943 // Americans In Tunisia – Part Two


Welcome to the War, Yank!

Battlegroup Torch Book Now Available For Pre-Order


Plastic Soldier Company have opened up pre-orders for their newest Battlegroup book, Torch. This new book takes you into the desert war and expands on the campaign with more options for wargamers.

Baptism By Fire: 1943 // Americans In Tunisia – Part One


We get stuck back into the Desert War with a new series looking at the Americans and their battles in Tunisia...

Get An Insight Into Battlegroup Torch With Few Brits & The Hobby Podcast


Plastic Soldier Company and Iron Fist Publishing's Battlegroup Torch is on the way with pre-orders going up soon ahead of a release at Salute.

Battlegroup Goes Beyond The Beaches With New Supplement


Battlegroup and Plastic Soldier Company are going Beyond The Beaches with their new book which follows the war after the invasion during D-Day into the heart of France.

The Evacuation Of Dunkirk Part Three: Wargaming At 20mm (Battlegroup)


Plastic Soldier Company Bring New Tanks To The Cold War


Plastic Soldier Company have been working on some goodies for Cold War games, including two new tanks and the reveal of Battlegroup Northag.

Community Spotlight: A Battlegroup Army, Insane Infinity Characters & Armoured Behemoths


Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop


Battlegroup Tobruk Book Takes The Fighting To North Africa


Plastic Soldier Company has another big Battlegroup book rolling out now as they take you to Tobruk and the battlefields of North Africa. Will you be heading off into the sands with this new book?

Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Five]


We finish up this epic "What If?" scenario and explore why the Operation: Sea Lion ended as it did and more of the factors involved in the whole endeavour.

Battlegroup Rule Book Pre-Orders Finish Soon


As we come to the end of November you've only got a few more hours to get in on the pre-order bonuses for picking up the Battlegroup Rule Book from The Plastic Soldier Company.

Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Four]


It's make or break time when it comes to Operation Sea Lion. Will the Germans be able to break the back of the British or will they fight back harder than ever?

Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Three]


The invasion begins in earnest as the Germans land on the shores of dear old Blighty. Will the fate of Western Europe be forever changed?

Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Two]


The go ahead is given for the invasion and we're following Operation Sea Lion as it unfolds on the tabletop in part two of this article series!

Operation “Sea Lion” – Invading England In 1940? [Part One]


Join community member oriskany as he begins to explore a World War II What If with Operation Sea Lion!

Weekender: Win A Battle Systems Shanty Town & Discussing World War II What Ifs!


It's time to get stuck into another jam-packed episode of The Weekender talking World War II what ifs and more!

Barbarossa 1941 – USSR Invaded 75th Anniversary Series [Part Five]


The invasion of the USSR comes to a close this week with a final article in this mammoth Anniversary Series set during World War II. See how it all ended!

Barbarossa 1941 – USSR Invaded 75th Anniversary Series [Part Four]


Barbarossa 1941 – USSR Invaded 75th Anniversary Series [Part Three]


Barbarossa 1941 – USSR Invaded 75th Anniversary Series [Part Two]


We rejoin oriskany as he continues to delve into Operation Barbarossa in 1941 and get stuck into a massive tank battle and a challenging scrap for river crossings.

Barbarossa 1941 – USSR Invaded 75th Anniversary Series [Part 1]


Community Member Oriskany takes us through how to play out Operation Barbarossa - The German Invasion of the USSR using Battlegroup & PanzerBlitz to mark the 75th Anniversary of the campaign.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns


Warren breaks out his Gamehacker Toolkit for bodging your games and we delve deeper into crafting Wargaming Campaigns.

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Four – Scenarios & Campaigns


Community member oriskany rounds off his article series on Battlegroup by looking at the variety of campaigns, theatres and scenarios open to you...

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Three – Battlefield Options


We're back exploring more from the world of Battlegroup as we learn about the other options open to you including special rules, airstrikes and more...

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Two – Fire & Movement


We move on to learn more about Battlegroup where we discuss the way in which both Movement and Firing is worked out in this game...

Weekender: Win A Copy Of This War Of Mine & Battlegroup Chat


Warren's back from honeymoon and needs catching up on the world of tabletop wargaming...

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part One – Introduction & Overview


Come and join Oriskany and Piers from Ironfist Publishing to learn more about Battlegroup, a fantastic looking World War II ruleset for all manner of scales...

Ironfist Publishing Preview Newest Battlegroup Sourcebook


Ironfist Publishing have been showing off some previews of the new book for Battlegroup called Wacht Am Rhein. It's making me chilly just looking at it...

Plastic Soldier Re-Stock Battlegroup Rulebook & New Supplement


Plastic Soldier Company have added the re-released Mini Ruleset for Battlegroup to their webstore so you can get your hands on the rules in a slimmed down format. This is a handy soft back version that contains the rules found in Battlegroup Krusk...

The Desert War: Gaming WW2 in North Africa Part Five – Endgame


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