Community Spotlight: Winter Waffen, Dwarven Terrain & Dunkeldorf Characters

October 28, 2020 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


Winter Waffen SS Kampfgruppe by piers

We start off this week's Community Spotlight with some work by piers. Things have been building towards this immense looking Winter Waffen SS Kampfgruppe force in 20mm which can be used for games of Battlegroup and beyond.

Winter Waffen SS Kampfgruppe #1 by piers

I am constantly impressed whenever I see the painting of World War II armies. There is so much effort that goes into these forces to not only make them look fantastic but also historically accurate too. This force is a pretty down and dirty looking German force of Waffen-SS troops who have seen plenty of battles throughout the heart of Europe.

piers has taken some great looking pictures of this set of miniatures which give you a close up look at the different elements. I love the look of those big coats which have been worn and beaten by use.

Winter Waffen SS Kampfgruppe #2 by piers

I also like that with this set of miniatures we've got a winter force which hasn't been drawn into the typical snowy look that you'd expect. You still get the effect of that time of year though with the leaves on the ground and the almost stark landscape they are fighting across.

Winter Waffen SS Kampfgruppe #3 by piers

As you can see in the image above, there are some impressive looking camouflage schemes on offer which help to break up all of the grey and green. There are plenty of additional images for you to check out over on the project link above so make sure to head on over and prepare to be impressed. It certainly makes me want to dive back into some World War II wargaming.


Dwarf Terrain & Army by umbra

Next up, we're looking to a user who is after my own heart. Gerry recommended this one and I think it was inevitable that it would end up as part of the community spotlight. Leading the way for this particular peek at a project we have this impressive looking piece of Dwarven terrain.

Dwarf Army #1 by umbra

This is a towering piece which has come from the folks at Printable Scenery. This mighty structure looks like it would be a super looking piece for you to defend with big cannons and a very angry force of Dwarves.

Dwarf Army #2 by umbra

This is a really quick and easy scheme but I think it looks perfect. I love the darker stone which seems like it belongs to an ancient mountain and the epic tower which has been crafted by rough hands. I like the touches of colour which have been introduced to the roofs and the front gate which help break things up and make it all feel a little less imposing.

Rounding things up, we also have this neat Dwarven Army which has been built by umbra from Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniatures and is being used for The 9th Age.

Dwarf Army #3 by umbra

You can get a better look at all of the different characters, units and artillery which have been crafted for this army in the project link above. As someone who really likes their Dwarves, I am very impressed by what we're seeing here. I like the dark green and the autumnal look to the bases.


Dunkeldorf Personalities by aurorainbag

Last but not least we're looking at the work by aurorainbag. I am a big fan of the fun range of characters by King Games for the realm of Dunkeldorf and aurorainbag has painted up a wonderful range of different characters from this range.

Dunkeldorf #1 by aurorainbag

Recently, aurorainbag has been tinkering around with a number of different personalities and painting them up to match their various personalities. I love that there is a nice mix of different schemes which show off the down and dirty members of society and those who come from the posher end of town!

Dunkeldorf #2 by aurorainbag

One of the things that I like about this range is that it represents a set of normal folk who get dragged into all manner of strange encounters on the tabletop. These would be perfect for the likes of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play as NPCs and player characters.

Dunkeldorf #3 by aurorainbag

This selection from aurorainbag certainly brings these miniatures to life and shows them off in an impressive light. I love this fellow above with his peg leg and a look of scared anticipation on his face. It seems like he might have accidentally found something he didn't mean to!

Again, much like with the other projects here today you can click on the link above to see lots of fun images from aurorainbag.

What Are You Painting Right Now?

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Projects, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

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