Plastic Soldier Company Drop Battlegroup Northag Previews

September 30, 2019 by brennon

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Plastic Soldier Company has been talking about a new Battlegroup option coming soon, Northag. This take on Cold War-era 10mm warfare is coming soon and with it a new pack of models for you to get stuck into too. Kicking things off will be the Starter Sets for the British and the Soviets.

British Starter Army - Plastic Soldier

These model kits are going to be part of the pre-order period which is going to be coming up soon. They have a fair amount of kit in them too with a fair chunk of vehicles and infantry in each which give you options when playing your first games.

Soviet Starter Army - Plastic Soldier

As well as a couple of Starter Sets for the game you're also going to be able to get your hands on some packs which then bolster your force even more. You can find out more about those over on Facebook but I've picked a couple of previews here...

Chieftain Troop - Plastic Soldier

T-80 Company - Plastic Soldier

The Soviets and the British are the main focus as mentioned above, battling against each other in Europe as the struggle for control of the continent shifts and forces these mighty world powers to have to go to war once again after the terrors of World War II.

I'm sure, as Plastic Soldier are want to do, there are going to be lots more releases coming out to support this 10mm experience in the near future too.

Are you going to be diving into this range?

"Kicking things off will be the Starter Sets for the British and the Soviets..."

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